Subscription box addiction


I have recently fallen victim to the World of subscription boxes. Not only are these boxes a fun convenient way to try new products, but they are typically priced very well. The first thing I would like to share with you is a review of my first Birchbox products.

Above you will find the items that came along in my Birchbox and a brief description and price for the full size.

  1. amika — Bombshell blowout spray
    • This volumizing spray has an excellent scent and while is does work, I do not like it for my flat hair. I have very fine, straight hair. This product increased the speed in which it gets oily (which is already very fast.) I did, however enjoy it when I braided my hair. Sometimes I will braid my hair overnight to give it some waves the following day. I used this spray to help keep the volume in my waves and I had a great hair day, with waves that did not give out!
  2. Coastal Scents — Blush and highlighter duo
    • I LOVE this product. The blush gave my cheeks an excellent color. It is somewhere between a mix of pink and orange, but not too much either way. It had a surprisingly natural look and made my cheekbones pop. The bronzer is excellent as well. The sample size is small, so I was not able to do a lot with it, but I did use it to slightly contour around my nose and jaw and I love it. It is not too dark and noticeable, which is what I prefer.
  3. R+Co — Death Valley dry shampoo
    • I am not a fan of this product. I did not think it did a good job at removing the oil from my hair, unless  I used A LOT. As I stated before my hair gets very oily, very quickly, which means I need a product that will do the job with only a little spray. My go to is Sebastian, dry clean only dry shampoo. It is $20 a bottle feels light, but still effective.
  4. rms beauty — the ultimate makeup remover wipes.
    • These wipes are organic and made with coconut oil. Not only are they a good, natural product for your skin, but the coconut oil leaves your skin feeling a little more smooth after you remove your makeup. It takes off the makeup easily, no scrubbing and wiping your face over and over the again.
  5. The Beauty Crop — GRLPWR lips liquid lipstick
    • I love a good liquid matte lipstick, unfortunately this was not one of them. This lipstick is very dry. It has an excellent dark color, unfortunately that dark color did not lie evenly on my lips. It took too long to get a good solid color, once I got a good solid color it started to wear away and looked uneven again. It dried very quickly, making my lips feel like they were in desperate need of some chapstick. I cannot picture myself using this product.

The next thing I would like to share is that I am now an Urbanity2030 ambassador.

Urbanity is a sunglasses subscription box, you can do monthly or every other month subscriptions and they have glasses for men and woman. I will be receiving my first pair soon and will showcase them on my Instagram and twitter — follow me on both at Mariebakerblog !

Use the url to receive 20% off your first month! Tag me and Urbanity2030 online with your awesome new sunglasses!



What to expect in April (2017)


Spring is here! For me that means spending a lot of time outside, travelling and shopping for spring/summer.


Here is what to expect:



I’ll be spending a weekend in Chicago (4/21-4/23). I have lived 45 minutes away from Chicago for 23 years, aka my whole life, and I have never spent a night in Chicago. I also haven’t done or seen about 90 percent of what the city has to offer, I suck. I know. That is all going to change though, starting this year! I want to see everything!

Towards the end of the month I will be attending C2E2. This This is a Comic and Entertainment Expo that happens every year. My boyfriend, Bryan goes more for the comics, I go mostly for the entertainment and artwork. This Expo started in 2010, I’ve gone twice and each one is better than the last. I’ll be posting a blog later on about preparing to go to C2E2, what to expect and what to bring along. My boyfriend will be posting on his blog – ComicBookSense — about how to prepare to get your comics signed, the artists and entertainers who will be there, and how he plans to have a successful trip. Follow along on his blog for more info on that!

After our trip I’ll be posting about what we did, where we stayed and what we ate, look out for that at the end of the month!



Look out for posts this month about the beginning of my fitness journey. I will be going over my meal prep, the beginning of my 5k training and my yoga/flexibility journey.



I’ll be sharing some of my favorite workout clothes and where to buy them.

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Antique Shopping



It’s cold, rainy, and does not feel like spring at all. Fortunately it looks like it will warm up next week and stay that way, hopefully!

If you follow my previous posts you know that this week I was off work on a little staycation. It was much needed! I was at the Volo Auto Museum earlier this week, I made a post about it, but I did not get to discuss the antique stores. The Auto Museum has 4 antique malls on sight. They are huge! I was only able to make it to 2 of the shops, however I was not disappointed with my finds.

I will start with my favorite item:


This stand is just under 3 inches tall and the ball is probably just over 2 inches in diameter. This is a beautiful piece, the stand is made out of a heavy metal and the ball is glass. I was amazed by item from the start and talked myself out of it. My boyfriend insisted on going back to the mall the following day since he had a couple things he wanted to go back for and I couldn’t resist picking this up. It was about $30 altogether and it was definitely worth it.

I also got a couple other items including a Hawaiian shirt, a piggy bank (I collect piggy banks), and some jewelry. I will show a couple of my favorite pieces below, I believe it is all handmade, however the owner of the booth I bought it from was not there for me to ask.


It is hard to tell, but these are purple pearls. My favorite color!


This matching earring and necklace set was only $3.00!





This is the reason we went back to the malls on day 2, my boyfriend needed Godzilla, I’d say it was worth the trip back!


Antique shopping can be a lot of fun, there are a lot of unique items waiting for the right person to pick up. Listed below are a couple of tips I use when I go shopping so I do not over do it.

  • Price match, if you are unsure if an item may be worth the price, look it up online, check a couple forums and see what the item is going for, it only takes about 5 minutes. Example — I found a Sega Genesis and I was dying to buy it, the price is $129, I looked online and was able to find it at about $60-$70.
  • If it is a decorative  piece determine if it fits in with your home décor and if you have a spot for it. A lot of items look awesome, but when it comes down to it, you might end up with a lot of cool pieces that do not match anything, then they end up in storage.
  • Do you really need to start a new collection? You will find a lot of pieces that match or belong in sets and it can be easy to pick up things with the intentions of starting a collection. My tip is to really consider what you are purchasing, these collections require time, money and research, determine if you will have the patience and space in your home for the new collection you are looking to start.
  • Don’t be afraid to haggle. This does not mean to low-ball someone. You never want to offer less than what the item is worth, that can be an insult to the seller. It is okay to offer a little less to see if the seller will budge, just be open minded in case they do not want to lower the price.
  • If you find something that is worth a lot of money online check out the condition and make sure the one you are purchasing is in great shape, otherwise it will not sell for much.

Have fun, take pictures and always check back in for new items! Feel free to leave a comment with your favorite items purchased in antique stores, I would also love to hear about any collections you may have!


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