Subscription box addiction


I have recently fallen victim to the World of subscription boxes. Not only are these boxes a fun convenient way to try new products, but they are typically priced very well. The first thing I would like to share with you is a review of my first Birchbox products.

Above you will find the items that came along in my Birchbox and a brief description and price for the full size.

  1. amika — Bombshell blowout spray
    • This volumizing spray has an excellent scent and while is does work, I do not like it for my flat hair. I have very fine, straight hair. This product increased the speed in which it gets oily (which is already very fast.) I did, however enjoy it when I braided my hair. Sometimes I will braid my hair overnight to give it some waves the following day. I used this spray to help keep the volume in my waves and I had a great hair day, with waves that did not give out!
  2. Coastal Scents — Blush and highlighter duo
    • I LOVE this product. The blush gave my cheeks an excellent color. It is somewhere between a mix of pink and orange, but not too much either way. It had a surprisingly natural look and made my cheekbones pop. The bronzer is excellent as well. The sample size is small, so I was not able to do a lot with it, but I did use it to slightly contour around my nose and jaw and I love it. It is not too dark and noticeable, which is what I prefer.
  3. R+Co — Death Valley dry shampoo
    • I am not a fan of this product. I did not think it did a good job at removing the oil from my hair, unless  I used A LOT. As I stated before my hair gets very oily, very quickly, which means I need a product that will do the job with only a little spray. My go to is Sebastian, dry clean only dry shampoo. It is $20 a bottle feels light, but still effective.
  4. rms beauty — the ultimate makeup remover wipes.
    • These wipes are organic and made with coconut oil. Not only are they a good, natural product for your skin, but the coconut oil leaves your skin feeling a little more smooth after you remove your makeup. It takes off the makeup easily, no scrubbing and wiping your face over and over the again.
  5. The Beauty Crop — GRLPWR lips liquid lipstick
    • I love a good liquid matte lipstick, unfortunately this was not one of them. This lipstick is very dry. It has an excellent dark color, unfortunately that dark color did not lie evenly on my lips. It took too long to get a good solid color, once I got a good solid color it started to wear away and looked uneven again. It dried very quickly, making my lips feel like they were in desperate need of some chapstick. I cannot picture myself using this product.

The next thing I would like to share is that I am now an Urbanity2030 ambassador.

Urbanity is a sunglasses subscription box, you can do monthly or every other month subscriptions and they have glasses for men and woman. I will be receiving my first pair soon and will showcase them on my Instagram and twitter — follow me on both at Mariebakerblog !

Use the url to receive 20% off your first month! Tag me and Urbanity2030 online with your awesome new sunglasses!



Back and better than ever



I recently took an unexpected break from social media and blogging due to some stuff going on at home. I am back now and ready to kick some ass!

I am jumping back into getting fit after a recent scoliosis diagnoses and some issues with herniated discs in my back (I’ll share more when I know more, promise!) I am determined to keep pushing forward and meet my goals despite my back issues.

For right now I have decided to do a 31 day “get to know me” blog challenge. Today is day 1, “introduction and recent photo”.


Hello, my name is Marie. I work for a temporary housing company full time. I have huge goals when it comes to business, fitness and my future. I am blogging to document and share my ups, downs, progress and any setbacks I may have. My hope is to use this blog to push myself and if I motivate others along the way that would be a great bonus!

Below you will find a recent photo of me. This photo is from a few weeks ago at the Hilton Chicago. Truth, I hate this photo. I am so far from my weight loss goals, however, this is the real me. I love and respect myself  no matter how I look. I am posting this with all my courage because I want to encourage everyone to love themselves.





What to expect in April (2017)


Spring is here! For me that means spending a lot of time outside, travelling and shopping for spring/summer.


Here is what to expect:



I’ll be spending a weekend in Chicago (4/21-4/23). I have lived 45 minutes away from Chicago for 23 years, aka my whole life, and I have never spent a night in Chicago. I also haven’t done or seen about 90 percent of what the city has to offer, I suck. I know. That is all going to change though, starting this year! I want to see everything!

Towards the end of the month I will be attending C2E2. This This is a Comic and Entertainment Expo that happens every year. My boyfriend, Bryan goes more for the comics, I go mostly for the entertainment and artwork. This Expo started in 2010, I’ve gone twice and each one is better than the last. I’ll be posting a blog later on about preparing to go to C2E2, what to expect and what to bring along. My boyfriend will be posting on his blog – ComicBookSense — about how to prepare to get your comics signed, the artists and entertainers who will be there, and how he plans to have a successful trip. Follow along on his blog for more info on that!

After our trip I’ll be posting about what we did, where we stayed and what we ate, look out for that at the end of the month!



Look out for posts this month about the beginning of my fitness journey. I will be going over my meal prep, the beginning of my 5k training and my yoga/flexibility journey.



I’ll be sharing some of my favorite workout clothes and where to buy them.

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A Lifelong Journey in the Making.



I am currently watching the weather learning about the snow that is coming to the Chicagoland area this week and planning out my next few days. Despite the cold and snow I plan to make this week amazing. This is going to be the starting point of my journey and I am going to start striving towards my first goal. 


  • 5’9″ tall
  • 271 pounds
  • Stomach — 52″ 
  • Waist — 43.5″
  • Glutes — 52.5″

I am looking to lose 136 pounds in about 2 years. I don’t have an end date, but I do plan to use small monthly goals to pave my road to success. I am going to be lifting, doing cardio and following my macros. 

I currently work full time from 1pm to 10pm central time Monday through Friday. These hours can be pretty exhausting so I am going to start this week with 3 days of working out. I like to work in 5 week increments, and plan to post body updates at the end of each 5 weeks. Some people prefer to do 10 week programs, some 12,  prefer 5 because it keeps me on track and I don’t get bored.

My 1st goal is to lose 10 pounds by Easter, April 16th. This gives me 5 weeks to reach my first goal. 

I have calculated my macros and I am going to see how it goes with my numbers. Starting tomorrow I will be eating 2059 calories, 134 protein/185 carbs/ 87 fat. That’s right, no low carb diet for me, I want to be in shape without being miserable. The only time I suggest going low carb is if you are training for a show, photo shoot or any other reason you may need to lean out in a short amount of time. I will be posting the workouts I followed at the end of the week and let you know the strength workouts, cardio and stretches I did this week. 

As I progress I will be including videos of my favorite workouts, my currently clothing choices, shoes and favorite products that I will carry through my journey. 
Follow along and feel free to ask questions, offer advice or show me your fitness blogs! 

Marie Baker Blog 


My name is Marie and this is where I will be blogging about just about anything. Thank you for expressing interest in my first post. If you follow along you can expect posts about fitness/healthy, beauty/fashion, diy projects & traveling ! 

See below for a breakdown of what my blogs will contain! 
Fitness & Health :

I used it be a personal trainer, I am NASM certified and ready to kick my own butt into shape. I always a thin athletic person, but just like anyone else life got the best of me. Future posts will explain how/why I gained the weight, and my plan to lose it all. I’ll be going over everything from my journey, nutrition, workouts, my favorite fitness products and clothing. I’ll also discuss overall ways to keep your body working at its best. 
Beauty/Fashion :

I make organic skin and beauty products! Follow along for new products, shop information and my current makeup favorites. I’ll also be posting about my own personal style, how I stay on budget and keep up with the current trends and how to shop for your body type. 

I’ll show DIY tips for your home, garden and life! 
I’ll be starting off with weekly posts and hope to be more active as time goes on. Follow along for lifestyle tips from me and to share your own! 

I love to travel! I will be posting about upcoming trips, the best ways to prep, pack and travel as flawlessly as possible.