20 things about me. 


Today my challenge is to share 20 things about myself…Listed below you will find the good and the bad!

  1. I am 23 years old
  2. I have lived in the same house, about 45 minutes outside of Chicago, my whole life.
  3. My dad passed away when I was 12.
  4. I am a NASM certified person trainer. (I left the field 2.5 years ago)
  5. I appreciate a good, cheesy joke.
  6. I have a desire to travel all 50 states and then move on to discovering other countries.
  7. I have big dreams of owning my own business.
  8. I have been with my boyfriend for just over 4 years.
  9. I love being outside.
  10. I can be very stubborn.
  11. I know what I want and will do whatever I need to get it.
  12. I have 6 pets, a dog, cat, bird and 3 guinea pigs.
  13. I love diy projects and repurposing things. 
  14. Sunflowers are my favorite.
  15. I love any/all outdoor activities.
  16. I’ve recently been diagnosed with scoliosis and I’ve had an ongoing battle with herniated discs in my lower back. 
  17. I am currently working towards running a marathon. 
  18. I would love to make a living off my crafts and blogging. 
  19. I have a lot of clothes because I hate throwing them away, I’ll wear them until they cannot be worn anymore. 
  20. I have an irrational fear of worms.