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It’s cold, rainy, and does not feel like spring at all. Fortunately it looks like it will warm up next week and stay that way, hopefully!

If you follow my previous posts you know that this week I was off work on a little staycation. It was much needed! I was at the Volo Auto Museum earlier this week, I made a post about it, but I did not get to discuss the antique stores. The Auto Museum has 4 antique malls on sight. They are huge! I was only able to make it to 2 of the shops, however I was not disappointed with my finds.

I will start with my favorite item:


This stand is just under 3 inches tall and the ball is probably just over 2 inches in diameter. This is a beautiful piece, the stand is made out of a heavy metal and the ball is glass. I was amazed by item from the start and talked myself out of it. My boyfriend insisted on going back to the mall the following day since he had a couple things he wanted to go back for and I couldn’t resist picking this up. It was about $30 altogether and it was definitely worth it.

I also got a couple other items including a Hawaiian shirt, a piggy bank (I collect piggy banks), and some jewelry. I will show a couple of my favorite pieces below, I believe it is all handmade, however the owner of the booth I bought it from was not there for me to ask.


It is hard to tell, but these are purple pearls. My favorite color!


This matching earring and necklace set was only $3.00!





This is the reason we went back to the malls on day 2, my boyfriend needed Godzilla, I’d say it was worth the trip back!


Antique shopping can be a lot of fun, there are a lot of unique items waiting for the right person to pick up. Listed below are a couple of tips I use when I go shopping so I do not over do it.

  • Price match, if you are unsure if an item may be worth the price, look it up online, check a couple forums and see what the item is going for, it only takes about 5 minutes. Example — I found a Sega Genesis and I was dying to buy it, the price is $129, I looked online and was able to find it at about $60-$70.
  • If it is a decorative  piece determine if it fits in with your home décor and if you have a spot for it. A lot of items look awesome, but when it comes down to it, you might end up with a lot of cool pieces that do not match anything, then they end up in storage.
  • Do you really need to start a new collection? You will find a lot of pieces that match or belong in sets and it can be easy to pick up things with the intentions of starting a collection. My tip is to really consider what you are purchasing, these collections require time, money and research, determine if you will have the patience and space in your home for the new collection you are looking to start.
  • Don’t be afraid to haggle. This does not mean to low-ball someone. You never want to offer less than what the item is worth, that can be an insult to the seller. It is okay to offer a little less to see if the seller will budge, just be open minded in case they do not want to lower the price.
  • If you find something that is worth a lot of money online check out the condition and make sure the one you are purchasing is in great shape, otherwise it will not sell for much.

Have fun, take pictures and always check back in for new items! Feel free to leave a comment with your favorite items purchased in antique stores, I would also love to hear about any collections you may have!


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A Small Town With a Large Surprise 


I am halfway through my week off and I have enjoyed every second of it so far. I spent yesterday in a nearby town called Volo. Volo, llinois is a little town here in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, just about 15 miles south of the border to Wisconsin. This town has a population of about 3,000, but don’t let this tiny town fool you, the hidden gem in Volo is what the website calls a “35 acre antique themed park”. 
The Volo Auto Museum is a great place to spend your day, whether you have a love for cars, antiques, movies, history, there is something for everyone! 

The photo above is the map from the website that shows all of the attractions this museum has to offer

This Museum features 33 exhibits, below is a list of some of my favorites and why I enjoyed them, I won’t list all 33, and there is no way my words or photos can capture the awesomeness that is inside, so you will just have to venture out to Volo for the full experience! 

Duesenberg Room

After buying tickets you walk into the Duesenberg room, in this room you will find a collection of Duesenberg II’s. This room is filled with an elegent collection of vehicles. This is one of my favorite exhibits due to the beauty, details and care that has been put into all of these cars. Each one is truly a work of art. 

Duesenberg II Torpedo Phaeton


I also have a slight (growing) obsession with hood ornaments, that made the Duesenberg room extra cool for me as some of the vehicles featured Lalique Crystals. René Lalique was a freelance jewelry maker and after working for some of the best Parisian jewelers he purchased his first workshop. Years later he began to experiment with glass and created his first perfume vile. After much success following an exhibit he took part in he continued to grow his business, eventually venturing into retail. In 1920 car mascots, better known as hood ornaments entered his inventory. These pieces of glass are beautiful and are by far one of my favorite things to look at on these vehicles. 


Here you will see two upclose photos of some of these brilliant pieces of art. Search Lalique glass to view or purchase some of these stunning pieces of art.

Bizarre Car Exhibit

This exhibit features some very unique cars, cars that you didn’t know exhisted, but you end up glad that they do. There is a lot of variety, from the World’s fastest barstool to Johnny Cash’s Git-tar Dragster, you are sure to find something you’ll love! 


Cars of the Rich ad Famous – Including vehicles owned my celebrities ranging from Michael Jordan’s 2005 Bentley GT, Britney Spear’s 2006 Mercedes-Benz to Rod Stewerts 2002 Dodge Viper and many more in between! 


Michael Jordan’s 2005 Bentley GT

The Disney Exhibit — Featuring movie inspired displays, including Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, and Herbie the Love Bug.

There are many more exhibits this Museum has to offer, including (but not limited to)Hot Rods and Customs, TV and Movie Cars, the Warner Bros gallery, Campers, Kiddie rides, and Muscles cars. There are constantly new vehicles being restored and brought into the museum, so each experience will have something new to offer. You can follow their social media pages for more details on events and what is coming to the museum. Feel free to comment with any questions and check out my instagram at MarieBakerBlog for more photos from the museum. 
The Volo Auto Museum also offers four, that’s right, FOUR different antique malls with over 300 vendors. I have not had the chance yet to photograph my finds, but I will be doing that tomorrow morning. I have not decided on whether or not I will be making a mini blog post, or just posting them on my Instagram/Twitter, but follow me there for more details! 

Below are some more photos from my trip. Be sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter, at MarieBakerBlog, for even more photos from the museum and details from my antique finds!